Thursday, 19th March

Hi sweeties, how are you doing today? We hope that you are great! Here are today's activities. Remember, if you have any doubts leave it on the comments, we are here to help!

Exercise 1: Answer the questions using the numbers we have learnt these past days.

Example: How old is your mum? My mum is fifty years old.

1) How old is your dad?
2) How old is your cousin?
3) How old is your best friend?
4) How old is your grandmother?
5) How old is your uncle?
6) How old is your sister?

Exercise 2: Look at the sentences and write a tick ( ✔) if they are correct, or a cross ( X) if they are incorrect. Correct the incorrect sentences.

Example: a) There is four tables. X     There are four tables
                b) There is a cat. 

1) There is a cat.
2) There is three beds.
3) There are two balls.
4) There is one chair.
5) There are a dog.
6) There are ten pillows.
7) There is one phone.

Exercise 3: Take a look at the drawing of your house you did on Tuesday, 17th March and describe it. Write 5 sentences using there is and there are + rooms of the house. 

Example: There are three bedrooms. There is one kitchen. 


Wednesday, 18th March

Hi kids! Let´s continue practicing vocabulary about the rooms¨and the different objects in the house.

Now, look at this picture and write sentences using THERE IS and THERE ARE

Example: There is a computer in the study
                 There are cupboards in the kitchen

This is the last activity! Read this passage.

Hello! My name is Melissa. I live in a beautiful house. There are five rooms in my house. I like to watch television in the living room. In the kitchen, I cook the dinner. There is a big fridge in the kitchen. I eat dinner with my family in the dining room. There are chairs, a table, a large window with blue curtains in the dining room. In the bathroom, there is a sink, a shower and a toilet. I like my bedroom. My bed is very comfortable and I sleep very well. There are a lot of toys in the bedroom.

Now read the sentences and write TRUE or FALSE. Please correct the false sentences.

Example: Her name is Melissa -                TRUE
                Melissa lives in an apartment -  FALSE. She lives in a house

1) There are six rooms in the house.
2) Melissa watches television in the living room.
3) She eats breakfast in the kitchen.
4) The fridge is small.
5) Melissa and her family eat dinner in the dining room.
6) There are yellow curtains in the dining room.
7) She likes the bedroom.
8) The bed is comfortable.
9) There are a lot of toys in the kitchen.

 ANSWERS TO YESTERDAY'S ACTIVITY: Here are the answers to yesterday's activity, so you can self-correct it! The words that are in colour may be repeated.

Bye kiddos!

Tuesday, 17th March

Today, we will learn about the rooms and the objects in the house.

Now, it´s your turn to guess! Play the following game.


Activity 2: Draw your house in a page, and label the rooms! Here are some examples:
Activity 3: Take a look at this picture.

Classify the objects in a table like this one, according to which room of the house they belong to.

Monday, 16th March

Hi kids!  You will find here different activities to practice every day.

A) From Oxford Discover (Workbook) Page 82, activities A and B.

B) Complete the following photocopy. 

C) Look at the following picture and write sentences as in the example:

There are four notebooks.

a) Try to find the following words: